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Release date 2013-12-12
abbreviation atom
Core Algorithm SHA-256
Consensus Mechanism POW
Lane platform 212
Block Time 10 minutes
Mining method CPU/GPU
Official Website https://cosmos-exchange.com


COSMOS is a parallel network, and each chain is supported by consensus such as Tendermint. Each space in the COSMOS ecosystem can communicate, trades, and operate. COSMOS's vision is to break the obstacles between blockchain, create a blockchain Internet, and become a preferred choice platform for various actual use scenarios.

This implementation is accompanied by the development of a series of system tools, including communication between Tendermint, COSMOS SDK, IBC, HUB and Zone, and implements through the IBC protocol. The Go-Ethereum adopted by Ethereum is a single-piece technology stack category. Some upgrades and customization of its characteristics are the earliest entry points of Tendermint established in 2014. Tendermint BFT is a solution that packages the network layer and consensus layer of the blockchain. Developers only need to focus on the application layer instead of the bottom protocol. There is no new idea to get up, but if you consider this idea at the end of 2014, you can naturally understand the forward -looking of COSMOS.

In addition, the main benefit of the Tendermint consensus algorithm is that it has a safe and simple light customer end, which makes it an ideal tool for mobile phones and the Internet of Things. Tendermint Light passenger m end only needs to be consistent with the changes in the verification group, and then verify the+⅔ pre -submitted in the latest block to determine the latest situation. All in all, cross -chain is not the whole of comoS. Tendermint technology has also made a lot of effort to save the development time. Tendermint BFT's attributes are applicable to public chains and private chains. Tendermint BFT only handle the network and consensus of the blockchain, node dissemination The transaction and the verification device are agreed by a set of transactions to be attached to the blockchain and can handle thousands of transactions per second. COSMOS is based on the BPOS+PBFT consensus mechanism of Tendermint. This mechanism involves verifications and proposals. PBFT is used to confirm the effectiveness of the block. The number of mortgaged token determines the power in the weight of the verification of the verification of the verification. Each round of proposals will choose to determine from the list of authenticity order. Tendermint adopts the best Byzantine lying algorithm selected by the absolute majority of votes.