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How to get

1. What is a client?

The client is the ATOM holder who does not run the verification node. These holders can entrust Atom to the verification and get the commissioned income

2. What is the verification person?

The role of the verified by the COSMOS is similar to Bitcoin miners. Verivers should run the entire node network and maintain the normal operation of the network. Verifications generate new blocks in the blockchain network and obtain block income. At the same time, you must vote for community proposals.

3. Why are you pledged mining?

COSMOS inflation of ATOM according to the pledge ratio of the entire network. If the coin users do not entrust the Atom to the verificationer for pledge, then the atom in their hands will gradually be diluted in inflation

pledge is the core role of Atom. The larger the ATOM proportion used for pledge, the safer the COSMOS network. In order to ensure network security, COSMOS inflation is performed according to the pledge ratio of the entire network. The inflation ratio changes between 7%and 20%: If the system is only used as a pledge, the inflation rate is as high as 20% Essence When the system pledge ratio reaches 2/3, the inflation ratio will be fixed to 7%, which is something that all ATOM users must pay attention to.

4. What are the benefits of entrusting Ai Tongmu

ATOM additional income: all the annual issuance of tokens will be rewarded to users pledged atom

Transaction fee returns: All transaction fees contained in each block are also part of the income

5. When will the entrustment come into effect, how long does it take to get benefits after commissioning?

Entrusted real -time effect, and immediately began to get commissioned income

6. How can my income be viewed and the income can be redeemed at any time?

You can see the real -time income entrusted atom on the homepage in Staking Dapp, and the income can be redeemed at any time

7. How to view the detailed information of the verifiedan?

Click StakingDapp Home DE1 Verification button to enter the validator list, click any verification person to view the details

8. Can the verifications be replaced at any time after commissioning?

Yes, the client submits the application for the replacement verification person to take effect immediately.

9. Can it be withdrawn at any time after entrusting and how long should I redeem ATOM to get the account.

After entrustment, you can withdraw money at any time.

10. Will the verifications charge management fees?

The income of the verifications will be assigned between the verificationr and the client. Before the income is distributed to the client, the verificationrs can draw some income as a commission.

11. Whether the atom is entrusted to the verification person to pledge whether there is a risk

The pledged atom will be locked and redeemed three weeks after redeeming. If the verifications are not behavior, some of the ATOM pledged atom will be punished.